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February 17, 2006

Bad Innovations

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Posted by Nick

There are lies, damn lies and then there's Jayson Stark's claim that interleague play is one on the top 25 innovations of the last 25 years.

For the ninth straight year, many more people attended interleague games last season than intraleague games. For the fourth straight year, the World Series did not feature teams that had met during the season. And wasn't interleague worth it just to see Kenny Rogers hit a triple?

So many bad arguments, so little time. But the biggest reason interleague play stinks is that it's a goofy half measure. There isn't very much interleague play, so why should anyone care? And if there were more of it, there'd be no need to have leagues. So what is the point? Kenny Rogers triples. Thanks, Bud Selig.

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